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Sheet Extrusion Seminar

May 21-22, 2012
Doubletree Hotel
Wood Dale, IL

by Chris Rauwendaal

Printable Outline

About the Seminar

This seminar covers important materials, equipment, and process issues of sheet extrusion in a comprehensive fashion.

The objectives of this seminar are:

What the attendees will learn:

Who should attend:

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Course Description

1.  Introduction

• Basic extruder components

• Screw, barrel, and feed system

• Grooved feed extruders

• High speed extruders

• Screw drive systems

• Breaker plate and screens

• Gear pumps

• Heating and cooling

• Instrumentation and control

2. Important plastic properties

• Plastics used in sheet extrusion

• Additives

• Virgin vs. regrind

• Melt flow properties

• Thermal properties

• Viscous heat generation

• Optimizing process conditions

• How to set process conditions

• Orientation: what is it?                 

• How to control orientation


3. Requirements for efficient extrusion

• Efficient machinery

• Efficient operation

• Efficient changeover

• Maintenance

• Resin quality

• Training
• Statistical process control

• Design of experiments

• Data acquisition system

• Instrumentation and control 

4. Functional aspects

• Solids conveying

• Plasticating

• Melt conveying

• Mixing

• Energy efficiency

5. Extruder screws

• Standard extruder screw

• Barrier type extruder screws

• Multi-stage screws for venting

• Mixing screws

Course Description (continued)

6. From the head to the sheet die

• The head adaptor

• The screen changer

• The choke valve

• The gear pump

• The feed block

7. The flat sheet die

• Various die configurations

• Deckling options

• Die adjustments

• Auto die lip adjusters

8. The cooling roll stack

• Roll stack configurations

• Roll face and diameter

• Cooling roll construction

• Roll stack actuators and controls

9. Downstream equipment

• Pull roll (haul-off) unit

• Cooling rack and other cooling methods

• Sheet slitters

• Gauge scanners and monitoring systems

• Sheet coating options

• Lamination for decoration and barriers

• Sheet accumulators

• The winding system

• Extrusion control systems

• Safety

• Start-up and shut down procedures

• Pre-start setup procedures and checks

• Maintaining steady state conditions

• Stringing up the roll stand the correct way

• Process parameters

• Maintenance

10. Troubleshooting sheet extrusion problems

• Requirement for efficient troubleshooting

• Troubleshooting tools and techniques

• Surging

• High melt temperatures

• Thickness variation (MD and TD)

• Sheet defects

• Case studies and exercises

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