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Understanding & Optimizing Extrusion Testimonials


I want you to know your seminar was awesome. I've been working at Goex for 12 years. We do sheet and roll stock. I’ve worked really hard to get to the Lead Specialist position there. I do all the training for the new people. I teach them how to get on sheet. I also have my green belt, so I do a lot of projects trouble shooting our problems with extrusion.

To get to the point, I had learned more about extrusion in the 4 days I spent at your seminar than I did in 12 years at my job. I just want to thank you for the great seminar you do.

I have ordered your Understanding Extrusion book and have already started writing up a test for the guys I have working to be a Specialist at our company.
- Corey Paul, Goex

I brought three of my key extrusion people to your Troubleshooting Extrusion seminar yesterday and had to leave a bit early to catch a plane without filling out the evaluation form. You can email it to me and I’d be pleased to send it back. However, I will say first that in my experience of searching for an outside training resource your troubleshooting seminar was by far the best I’ve seen. The extrusion technicians and engineers at MicroSpec have all been trained by myself and I consider them a world class team. However as in anything more perspective is better, and your seminar met all my expectations with a good balance between technical and practical. You will see more of my extrusion people at your seminars in the future.
- Tim Steele, President & CEO, MicroSpec Corporation

Professor Rauwendaal, Your course covered most of my expectations. I was looking for a more “engineering” course for 5 years. I could say with confidence I found the perfect course with you.
- Oscar Cervantes, Plant Manager, Trilex

Very insightful. After some actual hands on work, I’ll definitely like to take the course again. - Eric Maldano, Customer Service, Cobalt Polymer

Good overview of the processing in extrusion. - Navin Bunyan, R&D Manager, Medtronic

This course was exceptional! It covers a broad range of topics and a good range of difficulty from beginner to expert. The seminar booklet will be a good reference going forward. Thanks Dr. Rauwendaal! I look forward to reading your books. - Robert Joseph Wise, Engineer for Extrusion, Integer, Lake Region Medical

Dr. Rauwendaal is extremely knowledgeable in Extrusion and taking his seminar has improved my understanding of this topic greatly. Coming from a resin producing company, I gained a deeper understanding of some of the issues in processing our product for end use and have some new ideas I would like to try in our own extrusion process. - Vincent Zhu, Area Contac EIT, NOVA Chemicals

I learned several principles of extrusion that I had not heard/learned in 17 years. Also several incorrect ideas were dispelled. - Chris Sprague, Sr. R&D assistant, Lubrizol

This is one of the best, actually the best extrusion seminar I have ever taken through my 9 years of experience in extrusion. - Louay Aboushady, Sr. Extrusion Engineer, Medtronic

Chris has forgotten more than most people will ever learn. His breath of knowledge on extrusion design and processing is endless and he does a great job in sharing those experiences with the class. - Brian Dillon, Principle Polymer Engineer, Boston Scientific


"Great content for beginning extrusion engineers and techs." - Joseph Byrd, plant engineer, ICU Medical

"The course was very interesting for my experience with extrusion." - Vaclav Blatnik, Arrow International, Czech Republic.

"Instructor/Presenter is very well organized and highly knowledgeable." - Eduardo Duenas, process engineer, Lake Cable.


"I found it provided a nice introduction to extrusion - materials were well presented, easy to understand and relevant to the current state of the art." Eric Black, Head of formulation, Suterra

"If you work in Extrusion, you need this course!" - Jim Fitts, Technical Leader, Kimberly Clark

"I thought Dr. Rauwendaal expertly presented critical extruder unit operations/processes and helped make it practical for process engineers and manufacturing managers." - Vitaly Falevich, Manufacturing Manager, Adhesives Research