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Die Design Seminar

Oct 31-Nov 1, 2011
Doubletree Hotel Chicago - Wood Dale
1200 N. Mittel Blvd.
Wood Dale, IL 60191

by Dr. Chris Rauwendaal and Daniel Cykana

For Questions Contact: Chris Rauwendaal 530-269-1082 or chris@rauwendaal.com

Printable Outline

About the Seminar

The seminar presents an intensive introduction to die design for plastic extrusion. 
The objectives of this seminar are:

Two recognized experts will be the instructors for the seminar.

What the attendees will learn:

Who should attend:

Testimonial from previous Seminars

Course Description

 • Overview of types of extrusion dies
 • Important melt flow properties
 • General rules & guidelines
 • Complicating factors in die design
     • Extrudate swell
     • Draw down           
     • Relaxation           
     • Shrinkage

Design of flat & annular dies

 • Computer aided die design
 • Flat sheet and film dies
     • Fish tail dies
     • Coathanger dies           
     • Horseshoe dies
     • Tubing and pipe dies
     • In-line dies
     • Crosshead dies       
•Wire coating dies
• Blown film dies
     • Spiral mandrel dies
     • Smooth mandrel dies       
     • Pancake dies
 • Coextrusion dies
     • Feed block system
     • Multi-manifold system   
     • Interfacial problems
     • Troubleshooting extruders

Profile Die Design
 • Conceptual design
 • Design parameters
 • Flow through profile dies
 • How to handle swell
 • Parabolic flow
 • Esthetics of the extruded profile
 • Statistics to improve extrusion
 • Actual die design and effect of
     • Plastic properties
    • Land length   
    • Preland           
    • Draw down       
    • Die material
 • Different types of calibrators
 • Friction sizing
 • External sizing with compressed air
 • External sizing with vacuum
 • Internal sizing
 • Precision extrusion pullforming

Course Description (continued)

Die Design Testimonials

The instructors are very experienced and knowledgeable.  The topics are thorough and well organized.  I am more prepared for my Die Design Projects.  Joe Pingree, Plastics Resources, Inc. 2009

This seminar was an eye opener about why solutions I perform in my dies work.  This information will help me plan these things into my dies before I shoot them the first time.  Stan Sanders, United Plastics Corporation. 2009

Struggling through our own process for over a year has been highly stressfull, not completely understanding what is happening.  This course was an eye opener for what was taken for granted.  I have learned a lot and many things to try to alleviate problems upon return to the facility.  I feel that we are no longer alone with the contacts that have become available.  (Instructors, Facility employees). Carl Sykes, Thordon Bearings.  2009

Chris is a topnotch teacher.  He has a knack for bringing a technical subject to a diverse audience.  He engaged the students well.  Michael Richter, Engineer, WeyerHaeuser March 2005.

After working with dies for 12 years, I found the seminar to be both informative and supportive of technologies I have learned.  Chris Rauwendaal is a patient and extremely knowledgeable instructor. Jeffrey Stanley, Process Tech II, Trex Company Inc., March 2005.

Very informative!  Chris puts on a very professional seminar.  Phillip Jordon, Mfg Engr, Apcom, March 2005


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  • Polymer Extrusion available with registration in any seminar for a discounted price of $100.00 Check appropriate box on registration form.
  • Understanding Extrusion
  • Troubleshooting the Extrusion Process
  • SPC in Injection Molding and Extrusion
  • Polymer Mixing
  • Mixing in Polymer Processing