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Extrusion Technology

Note! : There is a 25% discount if you order a second program at the same time you order your first.

The video program "Extrusion Technology" consists of 12 videotapes; it is divided into 3 courses.

Course  1:  Extrusion for Operating Personnel 

  • Tape 1: Structure of Properties of Plastics for Extrusion 
  • Tape 2: Plastic Melting and Flow Properties 
  • Tape 3: The Plasticating Extruder 
  • Tape 4: Plastic Behavior in the Extruder 
  • Tape 5: Extruder Operating Controls 
  • Tape 6: Extruder Start-up, Operation, and Shut-down 
Course   2:  Extruder and Screw Design 
  • Tape 7: Principles of Extruder Screw Design 
  • Tape 8: Principles of Extruder Die Design 
Course   3:  Advanced Extrusion 
  • Tape 9: Measurement Methods in Extrusion 
  • Tape 10: Extrusion Process Control 
  • Tape 11: Extrusion Problem Solving 
  • Tape 12: Efficient Extrusion 
The price for course 1 is $2950, course 2 $975, and course 3 $1950; the total course is $5650.  This includes an instructor workbook and one learning kit consisting of one student workbook and one study guide. Additional learning kits for course 1 or 2 are $17. There is an additional charge for PAL tapes.
     If you became aware of this program through us, we ask that you order through REE, Inc. but specify Paulson Training Programs, Inc. on your purchase order, because they are the distributor of the program. 

Prices are subject to change without prior notification.  Shipping and handling is not included in the quoted prices.