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Statistical Process Control in Injection Molding

REE has just released a brand new interactive training program "Statistical Process Control in Injection Molding (SPCIM)." This program, developed in cooperation with the Society of Plastics Engineers, consists of 9 sessions:

1. Injection molding, the machine and the process
2. Injection molding, the mold
3. Plastics and plastic properties
4. Introduction to statistical process control
5. Data collection and problem solving
6. Measurements in the injection molding process
7. Control charts, construction and interpretation
8. Process capability and special SPC techniques for injection molding
9. Other statistical tools to improve the process

SPCIM is the first interactive training program to use PowerPoint as the delivery software. As a result, no additional expenses are required to purchase the delivery software. The program includes custom developed tracking capability so that progress of different students can be monitored and automatically collected in a database.


The whole program is available for $4,900.00 including a copy of the book "Statistical Process Control in Injection Molding and Extrusion."

Sessions 1-2 are available separately as the training program "Introduction to Injection Molding."  The price for this program is $1,500.00.

Sessions 1-3 are available separately as the program "Injection Molding and Plastic Properties."  The price for this program is $2,000.00.

Sessions 4-9 are available separately as the training program "Statistical Process Control."  The price for this program is $4,000.00.

The injection molding simulation program "MiniFlow" is available with any of the groups of programs above for $395.00.  This simulation program is also available separately for $495.00. 


The simulation program MiniFlow is a user-friendly icon drive program that allows quick calculation of flow length, flow rate, and pressure as a function of time. The program can be used at two levels. Students can perform several injection molding calculations without needing to master complicated equations. Molding personnel can use MiniFlow to aid in the design and analysis of actual injection molding operations. For more information see summary Page 1 and Page 2.

For further information on SPCIM go to the Fact Sheet

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SPCIM comes with its companion book "SPC in Injection Molding and Extrusion"

Prices are subject to change without prior notification.  Shipping and handling is not included in the quoted prices.